Trillium is committed to simplifying the administration of health insurance so our providers can devote their attention to providing health care.

We're always available if questions arise, and we collaborate with our providers to help ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality care throughout our community.

If you're interested in becoming a Trillium provider or need a password to access the Trillium provider resource directory, please contact our Provider Relations Representative.

Trillium contracts with physicians, facilities and other allied providers to ensure we have an adequate provider network which is essential for the delivery of health-care services to our members. All providers must be credentialed before they can be added to our network as a participating provider.

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First Tooth Pilot Project

Early childhood caries (tooth decay) is a significant public health concern and is
the most common chronic disease of childhood, affecting five times more children than asthma. In spite of its high prevalence, tooth decay is a preventable disease. In 2009, The Oregon Oral Health Program in collaboration with the Oregon Oral Health Coalition (OrOHC) launched FIRST TOOTH. Based off of OAR 410-123-1260

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